Meet The Staff At Woodturningz!


If you are a long-time WoodTurningz customer, you no doubt have talked with Ryan on the phone (and maybe heard his blue-and-gold macaw, Freedom, saying hello in the background!). With a truly hands-on approach to the business, Ryan answers your phone calls regularly, picks and packs orders whenever needed, helps with shipping, and interacts with customers and employees on a daily basis.

Ryan is passionate about scuba diving and is a talented underwater photographer. He is known as a serial hobbyist who has explored activities from remote control planes and helicopters to unicycling in the warehouse! His true joy, though, is spending time with his two children and fiancée.


Patrick came to WoodTurningz in 2010 as part of our warehouse team and was promoted quickly to our sales team. In addition, if you use our laser engraving services, he has likely done an awesome job on your engraving! You may talk with Patrick when you call WoodTurningz, and you’ll find he’s quick on his feet knowing our customers by name and offering friendly, efficient service on the phone. Ask him for a suggestion, and he can help you with product options that may interest you.

Growing up in Florida, Patrick became quite a fisherman and loves the outdoors. Prior to coming to WoodTurningz, his interests were in metal working. Once employed with us, the “pen bug” bit him, and Patrick quickly added pen turning as a new interest in his life.


John joined the Woodturningz team in 2021. He has enjoyed woodworking as a hobby since his first shop class in middle school. He took up pen turning a few years ago, but had to put pen turning aside for a while when life got busy. He is rediscovering the hobby, and is learning all sorts of useful information from the Woodturningz team. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and their dog. He also enjoys watching football and is a Colts fan.


Andrew joined the Woodturningz team in 2021. He considers himself a novice turner but is looking forward to learning to turn bowls and more. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his cat. He also enjoys nature and the outdoors, video games, tabletop gaming, 3d printing, and collecting twisty puzzles. And fun fact: he is #4 of 6 kids.


Are you "wow-ed" by WoodTurningz’ colorful catalogs and artistic flair in print and on our Web site? Thanks to our talented graphic designer, Kim, we enjoy imaginatively designed print work and photographs that capture the essence of our pen kits’ shiny platings, design details, and the richness of wood grains or acrylics. Kim has over 30 years of experience designing marketing and promotional materials in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and holds an MBA from Butler University.

Kim and her whole family are now pen turners in their spare time.


James joined the WoodTurningz warehouse team in 2017 and assists in picking and shipping orders along with cutting and stabilizing blanks as well as other areas of the warehouse. If you place an order with us, chances are James has helped to make your WoodTurningz purchase as great as possible!

When not at WoodTurningz, James enjoys go-karting, watching drag racing, spending time with his 83-year-old great grandmother, and hanging out with his girlfriend. He is also an avid Colts and Jets fan (but goes with the Colts if they are playing each other)! James is just learning to turn pens and is really excited about this new hobby!


Nathan joined the WoodTurningz warehouse team in 2019 and assists in picking and shipping orders along with cutting and casting Inlace Acrylester blanks. If you place an order with us, it is likely that Nathan has helped your WoodTurningz purchase get to you in a timely manner!

When not at WoodTurningz, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and dog. He also enjoys woodworking, oil painting, PC gaming and reading Science Fiction. Nathan is just learning to turn pens, but with his woodworking experience, we're sure it won't take long to master!


Tom joined the WoodTurningz warehouse team in 2020 and assists in picking and shipping orders. If you place an order with us, it is likely that Tom has helped with your WoodTurningz purchase!

Tom moved here from Arizona in 2008. When not at WoodTurningz, he enjoys spending time with his daughter. Tom also enjoys playing darts and singing karaoke.


Jerry joined the WoodTurningz warehouse team in 2021 and assists in picking and shipping orders along with casting Inlace Acrylester blanks. If you place an order with us, Jerry has likely helped with your order in some way!

While having never turned anything on a lathe prior to working at WoodTurningz, Jerry has been a woodworker for over 20 years specializing in furniture. He has started learning the basics of turning and is looking forward to turning his first pen very soon. When not at WoodTurningz, Jerry enjoys hiking, caving, working on his train hobby and spending time with his family.


Ray served a 20-year career in the Air Force traveling all over the world and then, after retirement, held the position of manager of the Air Force’s Arts & Crafts Center in Washington, DC. Like our other WoodTurningz staff members, Ray is a devoted woodworker and pen turner having taught classes in basic wood turning, pen making, and woodworking safety classes. Ray worked in sales for 9 years at WoodTurningz and then another 2 in our warehouse. At the end of 2021, Ray decided to retire and focus his efforts on making Hybridz pen blanks. He joins us about once a week and helps with cutting blanks.

Ray returned to Indiana in 2010 to be close to his family. When asked about his hobbies, he will tell you: Anything woodworking. Period. However, he is also an avid runner and he and his wife enjoy biking around the countryside as well.