Dolphin Rollerball Pen Kits
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Envision swimming with a dolphin with our new Dolphin pen. Enjoy two playful dolphins swimming along the clip, starfish and seashells circling around the center band and a sand dollar prominently displayed in a contrasting finish on top. Its cap also posts on the rear of the pen. Check out the Dolphin Rollerball Pen Kits

Sea Turtle Rollerball Pen Kits
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Passionate about sea turtles? Our exclusive Sea Turtle Rollerball pen is simply a gorgeous kit! It displays an eye-catching blue-ocean synthetic Fire Opal on top, then two sea turtles swim on a stream of water for the clip and finishes with a turtle shell texture pattern on the centerband. Check out the Sea Turtle Pen Kits

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Checkmate! Introducing our Chess Rollerball Pen kit. Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games and is played all around the world. From the Knight clip to the King on top to the various pieces surrounding the cap, this pen celebrates the game in a very unique way. Chess Pen Kits

Super Click Pen Kits
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With its double bands encircling the top and knurling at the bottom, the Super Click pen kit has a high-tech feel and modern design that will really draw you in. It has a super smooth mechanism which makes it feel like a dream! This kit is an excellent EDC pen that displays plenty of barrel area. Super Click Pen Kits

Limited Supply Blanks
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WoodTurningz is proud to manufacture Inlace Acrylester Blanks! Don't think about these too long because we only have a limited number of these pen blanks!    Limited Supply Inlace Acrylester Pen Blanks

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Starting nearly 20 years ago, WoodTurningz continues to offer innovative wood pen kits, exotic wood pen blanks, and our exclusive Inlace Acrylesterâ„¢ turning blanks. In addition, we carry a wide range of woodturning supplies for every woodturner. Since the beginning, our expert sales team has comprised of pen turners. Most of our employees have practiced the hobby of pen turning and woodturning.

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