Yorkshire Grit: YG210 - Microfine

Yorkshire Grit Microfine Formula – Designed for Acrylic Products

Yorkshire Grit Microfine comes in an 8 oz. white container. This abrasive paste is crafted to give a fine finish to your acrylic turnings.

Introducing Yorkshire Grit Polishing Compound - the perfect solution for achieving a smooth and flawless finish on your acrylic pen blanks. Our secret formula of medical-grade ingredients is carefully processed together without the use of solvents or other strong-smelling and potentially harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in your home workshop. Each 8 oz. container of Yorkshire Grit is packaged in a clean, white container that's easy to store and use. The creamy paste acts like "liquid sandpaper," effectively reducing scratches left behind by lower grit dry sanding. It's perfect for use on acrylic pen blanks, leaving them with a polished and professional finish. Yorkshire Grit is manufactured 100% in the USA, ensuring that you get a quality product that's made to the highest standards. So if you want to achieve a smooth and shiny finish on your acrylic pen blanks, give Yorkshire Grit Polishing Compound a try today!

Yorkshire Grit Original
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Price (ea.) $18.95