Wizard Wand

Prepare to embark on a magical journey with WoodTurningz as we unveil our latest exclusive creation—the Wand Kit. This enchanting project is both thrilling and straightforward, allowing you to fashion a captivating handle for a spellbinding magic wand, also known as a wizard's wand. With a single tube and two exquisite antique copper end fittings, this kit provides the essential elements for crafting a mesmerizing masterpiece. To complete the wand, simply attach the tip (PKWAND-TIP1, PKWAND-TIP3, PKWAND-TIP4, or 3d Tip available separately) effortlessly using the provided screw fitting. Alternatively, unleash your creativity by handcrafting a custom tip from a wide range of blank materials, ensuring a wand as unique as your imagination. Unlock the world of enchantment and bring your magical visions to life by adding a cabochon to the end of the handle.