Wand Two Piece Kit - Handle & Tip #3

Step into the enchanting world of wizardry with our all-inclusive Complete Wand Kit, which includes the handle and a mesmerizing resin tip #3. The handle (PKWAND-ACP) serves as a canvas for your turning skills, allowing you to showcase your craftsmanship by handcrafting it from a selection of wood, acrylic acetate, or Inlace Acrylester blanks.

Seamlessly attaching to the handle, the included wand tip (PKWAND-TIP3) effortlessly screws in, resulting in a Magic Wand that any wizard would be proud to wield.

Prepare to be amazed by the kit's simplicity and wowed by its intricate details and authentic appearance, leaving everyone dazzled by your magical creation.

Unlock the world of enchantment! Enhance your wand by adding a cabochon to the end of the handle. Whether you decide to turn your own 18mm cabochon or buy one from us, the choice is yours to make the wand truly unique.

The Wizard Wand Kit offers a unique customization experience. Craft it your way:

  1. Turn the Wand Handle and assemble per instructions. Turn or purchase a cabochon for the end.
  2. Take full control by turning both the Wand Handle and your own Tip.
  3. Want to add a finishing touch? Turn the Cabochon end yourself or choose from our exquisite collection of 18mm cabochons.

Uses the PKWAND-BU.

Note: The Wand Tip #3 (PKWAND-TIP3) and Wand Handle (PKWAND-ACP) are also sold separately.

Price (ea.) $20.95