Turtle Rollerball Starter Set

Passionate about sea turtles? Get started turning the Sea Turtle Pen and SAVE $12 with this starter kit! Includes 1 ea of the following:

  • Sea Turtle Rollerball Pen in 24KT Gold (PKTURTLE-24)
  • Sea Turtle Rollerball Pen in Chrome (PKTURTLE-CH)
  • plus bushings (PKCOBRA-BU) and both the 10mm and 11mm drill bits.

  • WoodTurningz Exclusive!
    Displaying an eye-catching blue-ocean synthetic Fire Opal on top, our exclusive Sea Turtle Rollerball pen in 24kt gold is simply a gorgeous kit!

    The theme will appeal to anyone with a love for sea turtles or sea life! It starts with a beautiful synthetic fire opal on top, two sea turtles swimming on a stream of water for the clip, and finishes with a turtle shell texture pattern on the centerband. The cap posts on the rear of the pen and features wide threads to prevent cross-threading.

    NOTE: If you like fountain pens, consider purchasing the Conversion Kit for any of the Commander, Voyager, Golf, SCUBA, Pirate, Train, Shuttle, Owl, Metro, Cobra, Monkey Wrench, Sea Turtle, Sewing, Sloth, Dolphin, Scorpion, Chess, Amazing Grace, or Elephant rollerball kits.
    Fountain Pen Conversion Kit

    Price (ea.) $68.90