• Using the correct bushing set with each style of pen is vital to turning the pen blank to its exact size. Keeping track of various bushing sets can be a challenge, so storing them in labeled containers should become a habit for any organized pen turner. Bushings can be stored in small containers. Daily medicine storage boxes are a great way to keep track of different bushing sets.
  • A dust collection system is invaluable for your shop as turning woods or acrylics creates a lot of dust and airborne particles. An industrial dust collection system is ideal; however, the simplest protection is to wear a dust mask while cutting, drilling, turning, or sanding your projects.
  • Personal safety should always be your #1 priority when turning pens, bowls, or working with tools and equipment, so be sure you have eye protection and a dust mask for starters. Read all instructions before using any equipment. You may want to purchase a face guard to wear when you begin turning a wood or acrylic pen blank since small pieces of material can fly off during turning as you cut away the blank‚Äôs squared edges. As further precaution, do not wear long sleeves, jewelry, or loose clothing that might get caught in the mini-lathe. Be sure to keep long hair tied back and away from your work on the lathe.

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