Thuya Burl Pen Blank

Thuya is a gorgeous burl from Morocco! Medium brown in color and covered with dark eyes this burl is very dense and easy to turn. Blanks are slightly oily and very aromatic. Sourced from the roots of the rare Thuya tree native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this exotic wood offers an air of sophistication to your pen-turning projects.

Thuya Burl is known for its high oil content; ensure you clean the wood thoroughly before gluing in the tubes. This dense and durable wood turns easily, allowing you to craft exquisite pens with minimal effort. The finished product reveals the stunning "eyes" of the burl, creating a dramatic and upscale look that is sure to impress.

Each pack contains three Thuya Burl pen blanks, providing you with a selection of this exceptional wood for crafting luxurious writing instruments. Elevate your pen-turning skills with Thuya Burl Wood pen blanks and create pens that exude charm and elegance.

Looking for Exhibition Grade blanks?These are available here: Exhibition Grade Thuya Burl

Price (ea.) $7.50

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