Stabilizing Starter Set

Stabilizing Starter Set
Contains the large 3.5 quart chamber, vacuum generator, 2 quarts of resin/catalyst, and the 5 color dye kit.
* The Resin is a Methacrylate Ester base. It can fill voids and can penetrate thick wood if it is relatively soft and porous... which is what the stabilizing resin is for. No need to stabilize hard wood.
* Heat range: 190-200 to cure
* Vacuum will draw 25 inches of vacuum depending on altitude and atmospheric pressure
* Maximum vacuum limit for the chamber and lid is 27"... more than that it may damage it. This usually happens when using a large vacuum pump.
WoodTurningz on You Tube
Click here on the YouTube logo to see an instructional video on stabilization.

Price (ea.) $319.95