Mosaicz Pen Blank #01 - Blizzard Blues
Item: PBMZ01

Introducing Mosaicz Blizzard Blues, the exquisite pen blank by WoodTurningz, available in limited quantities. Crafted from 65% recycled Alumilite materials, this extraordinary blank boasts a captivating blend of unique features. Embedded within the blank, you'll discover a mesmerizing mosaic of silver and blue granules cast in a white base of Alumilite, creating a visually stunning masterpiece. Each pen crafted from Mosaicz becomes a true work of art, with its distinct mosaic look that captures attention and sparks admiration. Don't miss the opportunity to add this remarkable pen blank to your collection, as it's sure to elevate your creations to new heights of beauty and allure.

Price (ea.) $12.95

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