Congratulations! The pen turning bug must have bitten you if you want to read more about the wonderful world of pen turning! Welcome to, at the least, a fulfilling hobby for you and possibly even a new business venture. You are in for a treat learning to design, turn, and spend hours creating beautiful writing pens. So let’s get started with some of the details and basic information you’ll need to succeed at pen turning.


All pen styles have a distinctive weight, feel, and look. Pen kits are available in various platings, such as 24k gold, platinum, chrome, and titanium, and come in many stylized designs and trims.

Once you’ve selected the pen style and plating finish you like, then add the “wow” factor by choosing a complementary wood or acrylic which will bring your pen to life with color and pattern. Wood blanks are available in a wide range of species, colors, and grain patterns.

If you are looking for a splash of color, many pen blanks are made of acrylic acetate—a type of plastic—and WoodTurningz exclusively manufactures Inlace Acrylester, also a popular type of acrylic material in over 100 color combinations which polish to a beautiful, high-gloss luster. Also, you may want to try a few of WoodTurningz’ unusual pen blanks made from genuine shredded money, coffee beans, holographic flake, glow stonez, simstone, combz, poly resin. You can even use fordite, antler, horn, stabilized corn cob, laminated wood blanks or hybridz in attractive designs. The sky is just about the limit!

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