Golfer Starter Set

WoodTurningz Exclusive!
Get started turning the Golfer Rollerball Pen and SAVE $11! with this starter kit! Includes 1 ea of the following:

  • Golfer in 24kt Gold (PKGOLFER-24)
  • Golfer in Chrome (PKGOLFER-CH)
  • Golfer in Gunmetal (PKGOLFER-GM)
  • plus bushings (PKCMDR-BU) and 10.5 & 12.5mm drillbits.
  • These pen kits have truly hit a hole in one! Our exclusive Golfer rollerball pen is designed to depict the key elements of the game of golf. The golf theme starts with a golf ball on top and finishes with a golfer for the clip and golf course/putting green as the centerband. The cap posts on the rear of the pen which features wide threads to prevent cross-threading.

    Price (ea.) $69.80