EWT 1200: Full-Size Easy Rougher Square
Item: EWT-FULL-Ci1R4

The Full-Size Easy Rougher Square is designed to remove large amounts of wood, safely without having to stop and sharpen. By producing a truer profile cut with the Ci1, you're able to make better finishing cuts than with your traditional high speed steel tools. The Ci1 tool shaft measures 1/2 of an inch across and 8.5 inches from tip to tang. It comes handled with a 16" orange-dyed Easy Grip Handle.

Includes EWT-CUT-Ci1-R4 cutter.
Replacement cutters EWT-CUT-Ci1-R2, and EWT-CUT-Ci1-SQ are available.

Normally $139.45
Sale Price (ea.) $118.53

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