Dolphin Rollerball Starter Set

WoodTurningz Exclusive!
Get started turning the Dolphin Rollerball Pen and SAVE $10! with this starter kit! Includes 1 ea of the following:

  • Dolphin pen in 24kt Gold (PKDOLPHIN-24)
  • Dolphin pen in Chrome (PKDOLPHIN-CH)
  • Dolphin pen in Gunmetal (PKDOLPHIN-GM)
  • plus bushings (PKCOBRA-BU) and 10 and 11mm drill bits

    Envision swimming with a dolphin with our new Dolphin rollerball. Enjoy two playful dolphins swimming along the clip, starfish and seashells circling around the center band and a sand dollar prominently displayed in a contrasting finish on top. Its cap posts on the rear of the pen.

    NOTE: If you like fountain pens, consider purchasing the Conversion Kit for any of the Commander, Voyager, Golf, SCUBA, Pirate, Train, Shuttle, Owl, Metro, Cobra, Monkey Wrench, Sea Turtle, Sewing, Sloth, Dolphin, Scorpion, Chess, Amazing Grace, or Elephant rollerball kits.
    Fountain Pen Conversion Kit

  • Price (ea.) $69.85