Fidget Spinner Pen Kits
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This NEW spinner pen is ideal for anyone who sits at a desk, or who likes to keep their hands busy. The fidget spinner and pen is the perfect combination and exclusive to WoodTurningz! Fidget Spinner Pen Kits

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WoodTurningz is proud to manufacture Inlace Acrylester Blanks! These pearlescent blanks look incredible when finished and have amazing depth when viewed in the light! INLACE ACRYLESTER

4-Way Tech Pen Kits
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The NEW 4-way Click Pen Kit is a super convenient way to have your pen and pencil in one place! This pen combines black, blue, and red inks plus a pencil lead all in one location. This beautifully-styled kit is really unique! 4-Way Tech Pen Kits

Voyager Pens
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Our exclusive NEW Voyager Rollerball is a pen kit for nautical lovers and anyone who has a love for sailing, boating, or cruising! This pen is definitely a display piece - Check it out today! Voyager Pen Kits

Slimline Click Pens
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This is the click pen version of our most popular Fancy slimline pen kit! The elegant shape and classy look make this a great kit! It uses 7mm tubes and a mini refill.    Slimline Click Pen Kits

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WoodTurningz is a leader and innovator in our industry as demonstrated by our new product innovation and our strong customer service. Our hobby related business is unique in that most of our employees have practiced the hobby, which allows unparalleled support and service.

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