Monkey Wrench
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No monkeying around with these new kits! Our exclusive Monkey Wrench Rollerball pen is designed with a bit of humor but it’s no is a great kit! Monkey Wrench Rollerball Pen Kits

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These New Bookmarks will make great use of your scraps of plastic or wood that are just laying around! This is a project that is fun, cheap, and usable by everyone! Bookmarks

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Hybridz pen blanks are meticulously hand-crafted from Banksia Pod and cast in various colored resins. The high-pressure process penetrates the pores and voids in the pod. You’ll find these blanks easy to turn as this Alumilite resin limits chip out. No two blanks are alike. HYBRIDZ

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These pen kits have truly hit a hole in one! Our exclusive Golfer rollerball pen is designed to depict the key elements of the game of golf. It starts with a golf ball on top and finishes with a golfer for the clip and golf course/putting green as the centerband. Golfer Pen Kits

Fidget Spinner Pen Kits
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This NEW spinner pen is ideal for anyone who sits at a desk, or who likes to keep their hands busy. The fidget spinner and pen is the perfect combination and exclusive to WoodTurningz! Fidget Spinner Pen Kits

Frogwood Pen Blanks
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Frogwood is a colored laminated birch hardwood that is fabricated using layers of dyed-wood in various colors. Frogwood Pen Blanks

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