Colt Peppermill Boring Set

These professional Colt drill bits are made from M2 High-Speed Steel and have been designed specifically for drilling pen blanks. The parabolic flute shape clears the chips without repeatedly having to back the bit out during the cut and also has less heat build-up. Each drill bit has cleaner entry and exit holes and can easily be re-sharpened. They work well in cross grain and end grain, making it ideal for woodturners.

The Colt Peppermill Boring Set contains 3pcs:

  • 1-1/16" MaxiCut® RotaStop® Forstner Bit
  • 150mm/6" RotaStop® Extension
  • RotaStop® Morse taper adapter No.2
    Colt Peppermill Boring Kit
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  • Price (ea.) $59.95