CA Wood Finishing Starter Kit

This wood finishing kit is a great way to start using a CA finish and the Stick Fast CA finishing products!
Stick Fast Starter Kit includes:
* 1oz. CA Wood Finish Thin
* 1oz. CA Wood Finish Medium
* 1oz. CA Polish Satin
* 1oz. CA Polish Gloss
* Abranet 400 Abrasive
NOTE: Although not included in the kit, the Aerosol Activator is recommended with this finishing process.

WoodTurningz on You Tube

Click here on the YouTube logo to see how this CA Wood Finishing process can get you on your way to beautiful CA finished pens!!
NOTE: Our kit is slightly different from the one shown in the video in that we have not included the Aerosol Activator. This enables you the flexibility to buy the can size that you prefer.

Price (ea.) $21.55