Brazilian Ebony Pen blank

Brazilian Ebony pen blanks embrace elegance with rich, dark tones.
Elevate your pen-turning projects with our Brazilian Ebony pen blanks. Sourced from the diverse forests of South America, this exquisite hardwood boasts even dark brown tones that are sure to impress. Its straight, tight grain pattern adds a touch of sophistication to your handcrafted writing instruments.

Each pack contains 5 pen blanks, providing you with ample material for multiple projects while ensuring consistent quality and craftsmanship. Brazilian Ebony turns easily, allowing you to create stunning pens with precision and ease.

As a dense, heavy wood, Brazilian Ebony is not only durable but also polishes exceptionally well, resulting in a brilliant, high-gloss finish. Often used in flooring, this sought-after wood is also very popular among pen turners for its remarkable beauty and workability.

Discover the allure of Brazilian Ebony wood pen blanks and create striking writing instruments that embody elegance and durability, leaving a lasting impression.

Price (ea.) $3.00