Amboyna Burl Pen Blank

Amboyna Burl pen blanks are a top pick for anyone serious about pen making. Known for their striking patterns, each blank is like a fingerprint – completely unique. They come from Southeast Asia, and their colors are something special: rich reds and warm yellows mixed together. Not only do they look good, but they're also a pleasure to work with. The wood is dense and has natural oils that make turning smooth and give your pen that professional, polished look.

These blanks are ideal for creating high-end pens. They stand out for their luxurious appearance and are a favorite among pen collectors. If you're looking to craft a pen that's a real conversation starter, or a timeless piece to pass down, Amboyna Burl is the way to go. They're not just popular for their looks; their rarity adds to the charm. Working with Amboyna Burl means making something truly exceptional.

Price (ea.) $11.50

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