Mystic Dragon Twist Pen Kits
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The NEW Mystic Dragon Pen Kit isn't just a pen, it's a legend in your hand! This epic pen details a coiling mythical dragon clip, a powerful dragon circling the center band like a fierce protector, and armored scales for just the right grip on the nib. The top cap features a captivating cabochon. Check out: Mystic Dragon

Dragonz Pen Blanks
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Dragonz Pen Blanks look like scales on a dragon. They offer the pen-turner exceptional workability and are
perfect for the beginner or seasoned pro! Available in 5 different colors. Check out our Dragonz Pen Blanks

Wizard Wand Kits
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Step into the enchanting world of wizardry with our Wand Kit. The Exclusive Wizard Wand Kit offers a unique customization experience. We have 2 New Tips to consider: #3 and #4! It's time to be creative! Wand Kit

Hobby Knife Kits
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Introducing our exclusive Hobby Knife - a precision cutting tool designed for hobbyists. Adorned with a beautiful knurling design, this knife ensures both aesthetic appeal and a comfortable grip for intricate projects! Hobby Knife

Lighthouse Twist Pen Kits
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In addition to guiding ships and giving spectacular views, lighthouses are unique and oftentimes a favorite travel destination. The lighthouse twist pen kit has light that changes colors on top. Adding to the overall look, it also has a lighthouse clip and debossed ships encircling the nib. Lighthouse Twist Pen Kits

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For 20 years WoodTurningz has offered innovative wood pen kits, exotic wood pen blanks, and our exclusive Inlace Acrylesterâ„¢ turning blanks. In addition, we carry a wide range of woodturning supplies for every woodturner. Since the beginning, our expert sales team has been comprised of pen turners. Most of our employees have practiced the hobby of pen turning and woodturning.

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