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WoodTurningz is proud to manufacture Inlace Acrylester Blanks! These pearlescent blanks look incredible when finished and have amazing depth when viewed in the light! INLACE ACRYLESTER

Clock Inserts
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We have a large variety of clock fitups for your unique project! Make a decorative clock with any of these clock inserts. Choose the one that fits your style! Clock Inserts

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Australia is well known for their superb woods and these are considered some of their best! These heavily burled woods are dense and varied in color. These blanks are very popular, turn well, and look awesome! As with all burls, there may be small voids! Multiple sizes available!   Australian Bowl and Spindle Blanks

Voyager Pens
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Our exclusive NEW Voyager Rollerball is a pen kit for nautical lovers and anyone who has a love for sailing, boating, or cruising! This pen is definitely a display piece - Check it out today! Voyager Pen Kits

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The Laser Pointer Kit will highlight any point of interest. Turn this satin chrome kit with the blank of your choosing and display its green light beam. The wavelength is 532mm with a max output power of <5mW. Laser Pointer Kit

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WoodTurningz is a leader and innovator in our industry as demonstrated by our new product innovation and our strong customer service. Our hobby related business is unique in that most of our employees have practiced the hobby, which allows unparalleled support and service.

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